10 Black Tracks

What is this subject about?

Black Tracks explores the history of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, from pre-White settlement through to present day. You will gain an understanding of the devastating impact European settlement had on the Aboriginal people, loss of life through disease and frontier wars and loss of land, but also their ability and determination to adapt and survive. Black Tracks will also examine the use of petitions, protests and court cases to establish rights, denounce racism and obtain recognition for land rights. Black Tracks will explore the most recent calls for a referendum to recognise the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our Constitution.

What are we going to be studying?

*Aboriginal people pre-settlement
*Early interactions, disease and frontier wars
*Adaptation and survival
*Control and Missions
*Aboriginal rights – petitions, protests (such as The *Freedom Ride and Tent Embassy) and court cases (Mabo, Koowarta)
*Key Current dates in Australia – Sorry Day, 1967 *Referendum and the Mabo case
*Uluru Statement from the Heart
*The next referendum and reconciliation

Where does this subject go?
This subject will be useful for English, History and Legal Studies.

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at these careers:
* Journalist/media
* Police officer
* Public servant
* Teacher
* Conservation