10 Commerce

What is this subject about?
In this elective you will have the chance to get a taste of three different commerce based VCE subjects. Studying one unit of business management, accounting and economics each will give you the chance to see which of these you may be best suited to for your VCE years.

What are we going to be studying?
Economics studies how people, businesses and governments use their limited resources and why each make the decisions that they do. In year 10 economics we explore how consumers make choices about what products they demand, how Australia’s economy is currently performing, and where Australia’s economy fits on a global scale.

Accounting studies how to record and report the financial transactions of a business, and assess how a business is performing financially. In year 10 you will learn to record cash transactions and report on the position of a business through playing Monopoly and determining who has made the most profit.

Business Management studies the day-to-day running of small or large firms and covers a range of aspects including marketing, public relations, human resource management and operations management. In year 10 you will focus on the marketing function of businesses and explore how businesses attempt to persuade you to purchase their products, including an excursion to compare how Coles and Aldi market their stores differently.

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at these careers:

* Accountant
* Bank officer
* Commodities trader
* Economist
* Financial planner
* Importer and exporter
* Investment banker
* Parliamentarian
* Statistician
* Stockbroker
* Treasurer