10 Creative Writing

What is this subject about?

Do you love words, stories and poems? Do you love reading fiction, autobiography, poetry and newspapers?

In Creative writing you will be studying and writing different forms of poetry, short stories and non-fiction.  You will have a chance to write and workshop your own creative ideas writing with classmates and receive important feedback on developing and extending your writing skills.  There will be a number of writers studied throughout the course for both their writing styles and their ideas.

What are we going to be doing?

* We will write poetry, stories and non- fiction
* We will workshop different exciting texts
* We will study a range of authors, poets and playwrights
* We will learn to develop our writing as a craft through the drafting process
* We will review our favourite authors
* We will create our own texts

Where does this subject go?

This subject will give you a great lead into the following VCE subject/s:
* Literature
* Helps a lot with English
* Helps a lot with History
* Is a good mix with Global Politics too

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at these careers:
* Actor
* Writer
* Lit Critic
* Director
* Historian
* Journalist
* Lawyer
* Teacher
* Sociologist
* Public relations