10 Little Black Dress

Year 10 Little Black Dress

Style over Fashion

What is this subject about:

In our electrifying “Little Black Dress” course, we’re diving headfirst into the heart of fashion. Get ready to unlock the mysteries behind one of the most iconic pieces in fashion history—the little black dress. Imagine rocking a killer little black dress that not only looks fab but also tells a story of creativity and sustainability! In this course, we dive into the greatness of classic design while embracing the eco-friendly vibe of upcycling. We’ll explore the rich history of fashion, drawing inspiration from iconic little black dresses to craft our own unique garments and ideas, and NO it does not have to be a dress!

Why Choose this subject

From its inception to its evolution as a timeless symbol of sophistication, we’ll explore every facet of the little black dress. Discover its historical significance, its influence on culture, and the secrets of its enduring charm. Potential excursions include; Top Arts, Top Design, National Gallery Of Victoria, Geelong Tech School, Geelong Gallery, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne Fashion Week.

What are we going to be studying

Embark on a journey that transcends mere fabric and stitching. Learn Fashion History and why some Designers are always referenced. Develop skills and understanding for garment structure and silhouette, perfect the art of styling, with playful opportunities for accessorising. Delve into the world of couture craftsmanship. Unleash your creativity and refine your vogue flair as we decode the language of handmade textiles. But here’s the twist: instead of just sticking to traditional materials, we’ll shake things up by incorporating upcycled goodies into our designs. Think old fabrics, funky textiles, and unexpected materials waiting to be transformed into something totally chic. Whether you’re into funky accessories, boho vibes, or edgy streetwear, this course lets you unleash your creativity while keeping it green. So, are you ready to redefine fashion with your own spin? Let’s turn that little black dress into a statement piece that’s as cool as you are!

Careers: This course lays the foundation for a myriad of exciting paths, from fashion design to styling, marketing, and beyond. The little black dress is just the beginning of your journey into the glamorous world of haute couture.

Pathways: Whether you aspire to be a renowned fashion designer, a trendsetting stylist, or a savvy fashion marketer, our “Little Black Dress” course sets you on the path to success. With a solid understanding of fashion fundamentals and an eye for detail, the sky’s the limit for your future in the fashion industry.