10 Fit4Action

What is this subject about?

This subject is about challenging yourself and learning about training to improve your performance. This can be for a sport you are interested in or just for yourself to get the most out of your physical activity.

Classes will mostly be practical with only one theory lesson a week; students will need to come prepared to learn through movement every lesson.

While this is one of the most demanding subjects you can do at Clonard, many past students have also said that it is one of the most rewarding.

What are we going to be studying?
* Nutrition
* Female based training (the impact of hormones and menstrual cycle on training)
* Chronic Injuries
* Sport Psychology
* Strength based Exercise (Push, Pull, Thrust, Split Squat, Lower Leg)
* Training Methods
* Goal Setting
* Recovery Techniques

Where does this subject go?
In terms of related subjects students who successfully complete Fit4Action in Year 10 should consider:

* VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies
* VCE Physical Education
* VCE Health and Human Development

Directly related career interests may include:
* Teaching
* Coaching
* Personal Training
* Sport Science
* Physiotherapy
* Osteopathy
* Chiropractor
* Nutritionist

Any questions?
Frequently Asked Questions…

Do I have to be fit to do Fit4Action?
No. The main requirement is an attitude of commitment rather than fitness. If you are committed to this subject, you will get fitter as a result. In some ways, those who come with less fitness, learn more of have more to gain from Fit4Action.

How much is the levy?
The Levy is $100 which will cover key experiences to support learning including visiting Fitness Lab for Gym Session and Reformer Pilates, Ark Sports Recovery to experience recovery methods used by elite athletes and a guest speak from Kamana Community to discuss the research behind female hormones and how they impact training.