10 Fit4Action

What is this subject about?

This subject is about challenging yourself and learning some of the principles of success through sport. We won’t be spending a lot of time navel gazing and studying these principles in an abstract way, as virtually all lessons are practical. However, through workouts we will aim to learn, understand and apply some of the principles of success like:

1. Discipline
2. Focus and concentration
3. Adaptability
4. Goal Setting
5. Learning to deal with setbacks
6. Teamwork and culture

Ultimately, Physical Education is about teaching us about ourselves, physically, mentally and emotionally. In Fit4Action, we learn this through demanding training sessions and The Ton (the final challenge at the end of semester).

While this is one of the most demanding subjects you can do at Clonard, many past students have also said that it is one of the most rewarding.

What are we going to be studying?
* We will learn about the principles of success (listed above)

Physical Components:
* Running Technique (POSE Method)
* Fundamental Weighted Movements
(Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat, and Loaded Carry)

We don’t aim to learn a lot, we aim to learn deeply

Where does this subject go?
This subject continues everywhere. One you learn and understand what it takes to be successful, you should be able to apply these principles to all aspects of your life.

In terms of related subjects students who successfully complete Fit4Action in Year 9 should consider:

* Year 9 Outdoor Ed
* Year 10 Fit4Action
* VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies (in Year 10&11)
* VCE Physical Education

Directly related career interests may include:
* Teaching
* Coaching
* Personal Training

Any questions?
Frequently Asked Questions…

Do I have to be fit to do Fit4Action?
No. The main requirement is an attitude of commitment rather than fitness. If you are committed to this subject, you will get fitter as a result. In some ways, those who come with less fitness, learn more of have more to gain from Fit4Action.

What is The Ton?
The Ton is the final challenge of Fit4Action, it aims to test in a practical way what students have learned through the semester. The Ton has changed from time to time and it is not always the same. Currently, The Ton is a teamwork challenge where four team-members carry a 20-odd kilogram stretcher for 100km over 2.5 days.

Is The Ton compulsory?
No. But, many of the key lessons of Fit4Action are embedded in The Ton. You should probably re-consider doing this subject if you are not committed to doing everything you can to attend the Ton.