10 Food Studies

Year 9 and 10 Food Studies is a semester-based subject. The topics explored throughout the semester include:

  • Kitchen safety and hygiene.

  • Progression of production skills.

  • Designing with food – including responding to design briefs.

  • Safe use of kitchen equipment.

  • Design thinking.

  • Planning and managing projects (such as recipe and menu design).

  • Food preservation.

  • Sensory evaluations.

  • Food spoilage.

  • Food photography.

  • World food.

Students work both individually and in small groups during practical lessons. Demonstrations by the teacher are continued throughout Years 9 and 10. Recipes that are more complex are explored and created with a focus in Year 10 on presentation of food. 
Students investigate, generate, produce and evaluate within the kitchen environment. 

Previously established skills are furthered through practical lessons with a higher degree of difficulty.

Sustainability, the environment and animal ethics are at the forefront of Food Technology. Using seasonal, local produce, less packaging and ethically sourced animal products are important to the Food Tech team.