10 Global Health & Health Promotion

What is this subject about?

What are we going to be doing / studying in Global Health & Health Promotion.

Students will develop an understanding of key health terms and health status indicators to form an understanding of how Australia’s health compares to both developed and developing countries. Global Health will explore contemporary, international health issues and provide students with the knowledge and skills to increase their understanding of different influences on health.
Health Promotion will explore the Government’s role in promoting health, Australia’s Health care system, models of health care and investigate numerous health issues.
This unit aims to prepare students for VCE Health and Human Development

What are we going to be doing / studying in Global Health and Health Promotion

  • inequality, education, poverty, access to safe water and sanitation, diseases HIV/AIDS, Malaria.

  • The Sustainable Development Goals

  • Developed and Developing countries

  • Aid programs to improve health

  • Australia’s Health

  • Australia’s Health Care System

  • Models of Health care


Where does this subject go?

This subject will give you a great lead in to the following VCE subjects:

  • VCE Health and Human Development

  • VCE Global Politics

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at careers in:

  • Education

  • Nursing

  • Nutrition

  • Allied health care

  • health promotion,

  • community health research and policy development,

  • humanitarian aid work,

  • allied health practices,