10 Globalising World

What is this subject about?
In the semester long History course, you will analyse continuity and change in the world after the Second World War and its impact on Australian society. Using a range of historical thinking skills, you will investigate the significant technological, political, social and economic advances that have brought rapid change to the world and, in turn, connected Australia more closely to this world than ever before.
In doing so, you will engage critically with a range of sources, consider the perspectives of people from the past and examine continuity and change of key events including Popular Culture, the Environment Movement and Migration experiences.

What are we going to be studying?
Area of Study 1
Popular Culture, including changes to music and film, and the advent of television, and the impact these had on the values and culture of Australian society.
Area of Study 2
The Environment Movement, including causes of the growing awareness to environmental issues, the consequences of climate change and Australia’s response.
Area of Study 3
Migration Nation, including the change in Australian migration policies, the significance of world events on Australian migration, and the consequences of migration for Australian identity and culture.

Where does this subject go?
This subject is quite unique as it isn’t an area that is widely studied in high school. The skills you develop, however, will lead into year 11 20th century history. It is also a good base for global politics in year 12.

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at these careers:

* Anthropologist
* Archaeologist
* Historian
* Journalist
* Librarian
* Museum curator
* Political scientist
* Sociologist
* Writer