10 Information Technology

Information Technology is more than just coding and spreadsheets. It applies to all sectors of the current job market. You could be a Software Salesperson, a Project Manager, a Helpdesk Officer, a Stock Market Modeller, an Engineer or a Post Graduate Science Student.

In fact, digital skills and digital literacy are essential to all highly qualified professionals in the modern workplace. The course content will include learning about computing and network hardware and learning and to design and build simple networks.

It will involve learning how to develop web pages and learning how to present information effectively and appropriately in an on-line environment. It will involve learning how to obtain useful information through data processing and learning how to present information in different types of data visualisations. And it will involve learning how to code with an Object Orientated programming language and creating a simple adventure game.

Several of the assessment tasks will be project based requiring students to go through a process of Analysis, Design, Development and Evaluation just like Project Managers do in the real world.

This subject follows on from year 9 Digitech but does not require students to have done the year 9 course. A future pathway beyond this subject could include Year 11 VCE Unit 1&2 Applied Computing and Year 12 VCE Unit 3&4 Data Analytics or Software Development or Algorithmics.