10 Physics

This is a one semester course.

In this elective you will learn to describe and explain the motion of objects in terms of the interaction of forces and the exchange of energy using the laws of physics. You will make predictions about the motion of objects such as roller coasters an explore the physics of collisions.

You will explore the Universe, learning about galaxies, stars and solar systems. You will outline how the Big Bang theory can be used to explain the origin of the Universe and analyse the evidence for the Big Bang.

If you are considering tertiary studies in astronomy, meteorology, particle physics, radiology, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, aeronautical engineering, computer science or robotics you should select Year 10 Physics.

Year 10 Physics is a pre-requisite for VCE Physics plus at least one of Biology, Chemistry, or Environmental Science. Pre-requisites- Year 9 General Scienc