10 Skills Mathematics

The Year 10 Skills Maths course is a pre-vocational course for students thinking about applied learning pathways in Years 11 and 12. The course is about using mathematics in everyday situations, focussing on using the correct methods and technologies accurately.
Choice of this course should be based on discussions with family, teacher and curriculum coordinator.

It is a two semester course in which students apply their knowledge and skills in number, data, measurement, finance and location & time to a wide range of real life circumstances. After successful completion of the course a student will be eligible to enrol in VCE Foundation Mathematics or VCAL Numeracy.

Skills 1:
Topics explored in the 10 Skills Mathematics 1 course include:

  • Healthy body, healthy mind

  • Probability

  • Mobile phones

  • That’s my team

  • Out and about

  • My yard and my house

  • Going shopping

  • What’s it telling me?

    Skills 2:
    Topics explored in the 10 Skills Mathematics 2 course include:

  • Travelling overseas

  • Earning an income

  • In the kitchen

  • Leaving home

  • Show me the plans

  • Smart money

  • Society through data