10 Sports Coaching & Recreational Sports

What is this subject about?

Students will investigate what it takes to be an elite coach, types of coaching, leadership in sport, umpiring and rules of games, community coaching and will also explore physical activity.

What are we going to be doing / studying in Sports Coaching and Recreational Sports.

• National physical activity Guidelines
• Influence on your participation in sport and physical activity
• Life long fitness participation
• Roles and responsibilities in sport of captains, coach, players and umpires
• Coaching others
• Team work and fair play
• Fitness components and skeletal and muscular systems
• First Aid
• Elite Athlete Development
• Organising activities
• Recreational sports such as: lawn bowls, golf, croquet, Bocce

Where does this subject go?
This subject will give you a great lead in to the following VCE subjects:
• VCE Physical Education
• VCE Food Technology
• VCE Health and Human Development

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at careers in:
• Education
• Physical Education
• Human Movement / Sports Science
• Nursing
• Sports Management
• Nutrition
• Health profession