10 Subject Selection

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About Year 10 Subject Selection

  • Year 10 students are required to choose 5 electives and self select their level of mathematics.
  • Year 10 students are viewed as bridging their education to Years 11 and 12, thus the timetable of Year 10 falls in line with the senior years structure.
  • Year 10 students are encouraged to undertake a broad educational load encompassing all subject areas but are able to specialise by choosing more electives from a specific learning area.
  • VET options – available to Year 10 Pre-VOC students (where available) and all Year 11/12 students in the place of one VCE subject however, that VET has to be scored. Please see the VET Leader for more information. VET is mandatory for all VCE (VM) students.
  • A maximum of two VCE studies can be taken by Year 10 students. If you are unsure, please speak with your Year 9 Advanced studies teacher.

Core Subjects:

All students, excluding PreVOC students, must include as their core program:

  • English
  • Mathematics: General, PreMethods (Advanced Maths) or Skills Maths (for students currently in Foundation English)
  • Religion
  • Health and PE

Accelerated Subjects:

Year 10 students can take a maximum of two VCE studies via the Accelerated Learning Program application process.

To be accepted into the ALP, you must:

  • Maintain a 90%+ attendance at school
  • Achieve an aggregate score of 80%+ in their chosen subject area
  • Submit all tasks for all subjects
  • Have a teacher who has taught you in a relevant learning area endorse your application

ALP Review:

All students in the ALP will have their performance reviewed on a semester-basis against the same criteria above. Should you not maintain the standards, you will be removed from the program and assigned to a subject from your year level. The reason for this is because the ALP is about students excelling and if you are not, you are best to try it again in the following year or choose a different subject that might suit you better.

PreVOC - Year 10

PreVOC is an applied learning program offered to Year 10 students to prepare them for a pathway that leads to the VCE (Vocational Major) or VCE (VM) or the Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) which will give them a broad range of life, employment and further educational skills. Students who undertake this pathway can still undertake a selection of electives, however they are unable to complete VCE in Yr11/12 and is structured to support students to enter a VCE-VM, VPC pathway or employment.

Student must apply to enter the PreVOC class and undertake an interview with their parents and the VCE (VM) Leader and the Assistant Principal (Student Learning and Wellbeing) to ensure they are suitable candidates for the program and understand the pathway they are selecting. These application forms are available by emailing or messaging Applied Learning Leader.

There are three core components that can form part of a PreVoc program:

1. The School Based Curriculum

2. Work placement

3. VET

The core subjects offered as part of the PreVoc are Literacy, Numeracy, Ready Set Go! And VET Certificate II Active Volunteering.

Students will also complete two work experience blocks throughout the year (Term 2 and Term 3) for one week each.

Students will gain skills and experience in a range of areas which will include development of their literacy and numeracy as well as personal development skills and work-related skills. There will also be a strong focus on applied and authentic learning experiences and students will aim to develop their understanding of the world of work and employability and life-skills.

It is anticipated that after a successful year in this program students will be able to transition smoothly to either the VCE-VM or VPC. Students who apply for the PreVoc program are interviewed along with their parents/carers to make sure that this pathway is the most suitable option for their future.

A sample PreVoc Program may look as follows:

Literacy and Numeracy

In literacy and numeracy, students will develop their general skills that are applicable to real life and workplace situations. These may include but are not limited to:

Literacy – Reading, Oracy and writing for knowledge, reading and writing for self-expression, oral communication skills through a range of different methods such as letter and email writing.

Numeracy –Topics covered include money, shopping, travel, tax, using measurement, shape, numeric and graphing concepts.

Ready Set Go! (VCE Industry and Enterprise Unit 1)

This is a core PreVoc subject where students study a combination of personal development skills and work-related skills.  This unit allows students to develop and explore issues of social and civic responsibility, community building and their own ideas through projects here at school. The subject also focuses on student self-esteem and self-worth through creating opportunities for students to “step-up” and challenge themselves and accept extra responsibilities. This subject involves project work, collaboration and practical activities.
In addition to this, as part of this subject students complete VCE Unit 1 in Industry and Enterprise. Within this unit, students will study the following topics to prepare them for the workplace:
  • Workplace Participation
  • Building a Career Pathway
  • Developing Work Related Skills
  • Workplace Effectiveness

This unit can be used towards their VCE –VM or VPC units in year 11 and 12.

Within this unit, students will undertake a minimum 35hours work placement.  Work placement provides students with a valuable insight into different career pathways for their future.

VET Active Volunteering

Students will complete Certificate II Active Volunteering through their PreVoc studies. This nationally recognised qualification is broad in nature to provide students a wide and varied insight into the sector. Students will participate in a number of volunteering experiences in a range of local organisations. Students will be well-placed for future employment and further study and will gain valuable practical exposure to a range of duties and tasks. This exposure will aid students in finding parts of the sector they are passionate about versus roles or careers they may wish to avoid in the future.

Elective Options

Electives - English
Creative WritingLiterature
Electives - Religious Education (Choose between the following two options)
College based curriculum (all Year) Religious Education (VCE Unit 1 & 2)

Science Senior Pathways:

Pathways to VCE Sciences
VCE Biology – pre-requisite Biology
VCE Chemistry – pre-requisite Chemistry
VCE Physics – pre requisite Physics
VCE Environmental Science – pre-requisite one semester of any Science
VCE Psychology – pre-requisite one semester of any Science

2. No VCE Science

Students must complete one Semester of Science. This does not apply to PreVOC students. By choice, students can select additional Science electives.

3. Current Year 9 Science for Life Students.

Science for Life students must only complete one Semester of Science in our World. By choice Science in our World students can select from the following electives:

Enviro Science
General Science


If I need to know more, who should I ask? 

If you have questions about specific subjects:

Ask the relevant Learning Leader who will either answer the question or direct you to someone who can:

If you have questions about Pathways:

If you have questions about subject selection processes:

Ms Jo Ryan Assistant Principal (Learning and Wellbeing)