10 Subject Selection

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About Year 10 Subject Selection

  • Year 10 students are required to choose 5 electives and self select their level of mathematics.
  • Year 10 students are viewed as bridging their education to Years 11 and 12, thus the timetable of Year 10 falls in line with the senior years structure.
  • Year 10 students are encouraged to undertake a broad educational load encompassing all subject areas.
  • Year 10s are able to undertake up to two VCE studies and specialise by choosing more electives from a specific learning area.  Students moving from Year 9 Advanced Mathematics into Year 10 Pre-Methods are encouraged to take Unit 3 & 4 (Year 12) Further Mathematics.  Please discuss this option with your Mathematics teacher.
  • VET options – available to Year 10 Pre-VCAL students (where available) and all Year 11/12 VCE students in the place of one VCE subject.    VET is mandatory for all VCAL students.

  • A maximum of two VCE studies can be taken by Year 10 students. If you are unsure, please speak with your Year 9 Advanced studies teacher.

Elective Options

Performing & Visual Arts:
For more information about Art choices, use the ARTS guide

Health & Physical Education:  Students who choose Global Health and Health Promotion or Body at Work at Year 10 can choose not to do CoreHealth PE.

Electives - Mathematics
Skills Mathematics 1 & 2General Mathematics 1 & 2
Electives - Religious Education (Choose between the following two options)
College based curriculum (all Year) Texts and Traditions Unit 1

Science Senior Pathways:

  1. VCE Science – Students choose a minimum 2 Science electives but can select up to 4 science electives.

Pathways to VCE Sciences
VCE Biology – pre-requisite Biology + min 1 other science (not Science in our World)
VCE Chemistry – pre-requisite Chemistry + min 1 other science (not Science in our World)
VCE Physics – pre requisite Physics + min 1 other science (not Science in our World)
VCE Environmental Science – pre-requisite any two science options
VCE Psychology – pre-requisite Psychology + min 1 other science (not Science in our World) 

2. No VCE Science

Students must only complete one Semester of General Science. By choice General Science students can select other Science electives.

3. Current Year 9 Science for Life Students.

Science for Life students must only complete one Semester of Science in our World. By choice Science in our World students can select from the following electives:

Enviro Science
General Science

Electives - Technology
Food TechnologyInformation Technology


If I need to know more, who should I ask?

If you have questions about courses and subject requirements:  

Ms Gab Mahon  – Careers Practitioner

If you have questions about specific subjects:

Ask the relevant Learning Leader who will either answer the question or direct you to someone who can:

If you have questions about Pathways:

If you have questions about subject selection processes:

Ms Jo Ryan Assistant Principal (Learning and Teaching)