2021 Action Plan

Our 2024 aspirations are to be a College community where we...

Co-create and engage in a wider range of deep and purposeful learning experiences that enable students to develop skills, competencies and attitudes for learning success that have an impact in the local and global community.

Learning with impact

Use the knowledge and skills for strong relationships, positive wellbeing and positive behaviour to promote human dignity, learning success for all and an inclusive and connected community.

Strong Relationships
Strong Wellbeing
Strong Community

Develop and express a contemporary sense of the sacredness of self, others and our world by encountering our faith tradition in everyday experiences inspiring all to act as people of justice and peace.

Living Justice Living Peace

To achieve these aspirations in 2021...

Students and teachers aim for success at surface to deep learning.

Students use strategies for positive wellbeing and strong relationships.

Staff continue to learn and live strategies for positive wellbeing to consolidate and embed our approach.

Leaders and staff develop their understanding of and use of multiple sources of data to support learning and wellbeing improvement goals.

Our community explores and considers the value of ‘Wonder’

Leaders engage in leadership learning and projects that support our improvement initiatives.

Key leaders develop and apply coaching skills to support the growth and development of staff

Teams of staff and leaders learn about and develop implementation plans for:

  • School wide approach to positive behaviours (PBS)
  • Pedagogy of Encounter
  • Deep learning
  • New Metrics for Success (University of Melbourne Partnership)

Students and staff collaborate to develop systems to provide feedback on our improvement initiatives. (wellbeing, surface to deep learning, engagement and social justice).

Leaders, staff, students share with families learning about and progress towards our key improvement initiatives (strong relationships, positive wellbeing, surface to deep learning and Living Justice Living Peace) and our master plan dreaming.

Students, staff and leaders partner with families, alumni and the broader community to develop our thinking for digital credentialing.

Our community continues to provide insights and ideas into the development of the College’s Master Plan and Stage 1 designs.