Principal’s Blog

Recently I heard about the notion of an ‘awe’ walk. I was particularly interested due to the connection of awe with our College theme of Wonder. The notion of the ‘awe walk’ is to literally or figuratively notice moments or events that have occurred in […]

Year 7 NLEP

Year 7 Numeracy students are currently learning about probability. They used ‘Skittles’ to create chance outcomes. The outcomes were then expressed as fractions and percentages, before being eaten at the end of the lesson.

Year 9 Digitech

Two weeks ago, Year 9 Digitec students used their learning to get real “hands on” experiences. They participated in 3 Gordon programs: design for humanity, future fashion and blocked up which all engaged students to use digital solutions to help solve real world issues. 

Kiwi Fruit Abundance

Brigid’s Garden Program students were busy in the garden this week harvesting an abundance of kiwi fruits. This activity created plenty of practical maths practice. They counted 460 kiwi fruits which all together weighed 42 kgs. The classroom looked like a production line as they […]

Tax Deductible Donations to the School Building Fund

With the financial year coming to a close, we would like to remind our school community about the ability to make tax deductible donations towards building works.   The generous support of our community ensures that valuable resources are provided to enable the provision of quality education to […]

Year 7 Gaga Pit Tournament

This week we kicked off round one of the Year 7 Gaga tournament, Wellbeing group Vs Wellbeing group. This event has been planned and organised by Year 11 VCAL students and it was the perfect way to keep warm on a cold day! The event will be […]

Reconciliation Week

Mrs Susan Collins, also known as Aunty Sue, has been Clonard’s Koorie Education Worker for the past eight years. Her main role is supporting and mentoring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and working together with them and their families. Aunty Sue also works closely […]

Hurst Reserve Redevelopment

We are getting closer!! In partnership with the City of Greater Geelong, the Hurst Reserve courts have undergone an amazing transformation, including re-surfacing works and other improvements for our College and community to enjoy. This collaboration sees benefits for both our College and the community […]