2022 Action Plan

Our 2024 aspirations are to be a College community where we...

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To achieve these aspirations in 2022 we will focus on the following actions...

Deep Purposeful Learning Attitudes for Learning Success

  • Implement New Pedagogies for Deep Learning at Years 7 and 8 animating our Learning Charter.
  • Trial the assessment of capabilities through the New Metrics Research Partnership with University of Melbourne at Years 7 and 8.
  • Continue the staged and ongoing development of high impact teaching strategies through cycles of inquiry including connecting surface to deep learning with assessment and feedback strategies.
  • Develop data protocols and moderation practices to monitor growth and achievement in student learning targeting 12 months growth for 12 months learning.
  • Investigate potential numeracy interventions to improve attitudes and outcomes to Mathematics in Years 7-10.

Strong Relationships Positive Behaviour Inclusive Connected Community

  • Implement Year 1 of Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) with the introduction of school wide expectations.
  • Promote and monitor high levels of attendance as a precondition for learning success.
  • Actively engage in a variety of events and strategies to build and reinvigorate community connections with students, staff and families.
  • Develop evidence sources and systems for measuring the impact of Positive Behaviour for Learning and Wellbeing for Learning.

Encountering Faith in the Everyday People of Living Justice and Living Peace

  • Co create and implement a Reconciliation Action Plan with our community and First Nations families.
  • Implement Year 1 of our Laudato Si Action Platform commitment.
  • Explore how to lead our community to be a recontextualising dialogue school through the lens of spirituality, pedagogy, justice and mission in an action research approach.
  • Investigate how the Pedagogy of Encounter can enliven the Religious Education program.
  • Develop opportunities to celebrate the diversity and richness of our community through our 2022 value: compassion.
Develop leaders’ capacity to form and lead teams with high collective efficacy.
Foster a culture of professional growth and development for all staff through the Learning and Development Programs and coaching approaches.
Commence the build of Stage 1 of the College Master Plan.
Develop systems of multiple measures of data to make evidence-based decisions, inform practice and support continuous school improvement.
Initiate the development of a whole school instructional model.