Year 10 Dance Performances

Earlier this week, the Year 10 Dance students performed their end of Term performances in Kildare Theatre.  They were required to choreograph a dance that communicated an intention. In small groups they needed to come up with a story or theme they wanted to explore, […]

School Attendance – Why is it Important?

Attendance at school each and every day is essential. Absences from school can have a major impact on academic and social development. School helps young people to develop the important skills, knowledge & values that will set them up for lifelong learning and participation in […]

Year 10 Commerce

On Wednesday, our Year 10 Commerce students ran their own stalls and offered a variety of goods for sale including Pizza, Krispy Kreme donuts, nail wraps and fake nails, lip balm, hand cream and cookies. Our aim was to raise money for the Brigidine Asylum […]

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium Excursion

The Year 10 Commerce and Year 11 Business Management students made a trip to Melbourne on Friday 17 June to visit Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium followed by Melbourne Emporium. The students looked at target markets including demographics as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility of […]

Sustainability News – June 2022

We need a conversation which includes everyone, since the environmental challenges we are undergoing, and its human roots, concern and affect us all” (Laudato Si #14) Clonard Enviro Week 25 – 29 July 2022 Stay tuned for Enviro Week next Term with lots of activities […]

Year 8 Big Day Out

The Year 8 students have been very busy working on goal setting and their Vision Boards, and today, to celebrate the end of the semester, the students chose an excursion to Bounce! The goal of the activity focused on building connections, making new friends and […]

Brigid’s Garden Program

To finish the Term, the Brigid’s Garden Program students visited Geelong Table Tennis on Wednesday 22 June and honed their skills with some warm up games, followed by single and double matches.

Principal’s Blog

As we come to the end of our semester, we pause to give thanks for all that we have been able to learn, do, celebrate and achieve over the past six months. Our first six months uninterrupted onsite in 3 years. This year in the […]

2023 Subject Selections

It is a busy time of year working out the right future options for YOU. Please make note of the following closing dates for Subject Selection 2023: Tuesday 12 July 2022 – Year 11 Thursday 14 July 2022 – Year 8 Friday 15 July 2022 […]

Year 9 Intro to Outdoor Education

The Year 9 Introduction to Outdoor Education class visited Edwards’s Point last week to learn further about the impacts that humans can have on an environment. With the support of the conservation group “Friends of Edwards Point” they participated in the removal of weeds and […]