Social Justice Reading Program

Our social justice efforts in taking part in a reading program at St. Thomas Primary School in Norlane continued this week, with 5 of our Year 9 – 12 students visiting for pre-school reading and listening to students from Grades Prep – 2 with their […]

PB4L – Our Expectations are Clear!

As it’s been a while since we updated you on matters to do with Positive Behaviour 4 Learning (PB4L) at Clonard it is perhaps timely for a little refresher before we share our exciting news. PB4L is a whole-school approach to creating a positive, safe […]

Supporting Timor Leste

It was exiting to hear the news that, although we cannot run with Triumph as a full celebration day with all schools as planned, we are still able to run “Triumph lite” at Clonard this year. Apart from a day of celebrating together, the day […]