On Tuesday, the Student Leadership Team participated in a full day workshop, facilitated by Felicity from Yellow Arrow.
Our leaders spent the day developing themselves as leaders, learning practical skills, connecting with other students and planning amazing events for the Clonard Community in 2023.
Below is a student reflection of the workshop:

The leadership workshop for the 2023 Student Leaders gave me an amazing opportunity to learn, socialise and connect with leaders across the school.

This year is my first time being a Clonard leader, I have been elected as the Living Justly leader. This leadership position has already given me many new skills and know-how, but this session will forever influence the way that I see the position as a leader. Felicity showed me the many attributes and responsibilities that a leader has. She taught me skills on public speaking and the meaning of courage, this year’s theme. She conducted many insightful activities, including the postcard game and improv. All of these activities connected to the meaning and skills of being a leader.

This workshop taught me many things that the regular school curriculum wouldn’t. Felicity taught me that there are four different types of leaders, but they all are unique in their own way. I really enjoyed this experience and I hope to bring these skills into my leadership at Clonard.

By Sienna F, Year 9