Constitutional Convention- Reflection

Recently, myself, along with 100 other students from around Australia were selected to be flown to Canberra to participate in the National Schools Constitutional Convention. This opportunity was incredible as it allowed me to get a closer look at the inner workings of parliament and […]

Year 7 Black Out Poetry

This week Year 7 students have been busy diving into poetry. Black out poetry is a form of poetry that uses pages from books to create a poem. First, students tapped into their word skills to find just the right words. Then, the other words […]

Brigid’s Garden Program

Brigid’s Garden ProgramKiwi FruitsKiwi fruits are a fruit that we harvest in autumn. In the garden program we harvested 665 kiwi fruits, which weighed a total of 35kg. The kiwi fruit we picked filled up 10 buckets. While we were harvesting the kiwi fruit, Bobby […]

Clonard Music News Term 2

STRINGS TEACHERClonard Music Department would like to acknowledge the contribution made by Felicity McCowan our Strings Teacher who has taught Strings at Clonard for the past eight years. Felicity was warmly farewelled at the end of last term by students and staff. Felicity has done […]

Year 7 Maths Games

The Year 7 students this year are taking part in the APSMO Maths Games during Terms 2 and 3.  The Maths Games consists of four separate contests held approximately six weeks apart between May and September. The overall aim is to encourage students to develop […]