Clonard Collage 360 Virtual Tour

Our 3D virtual tour offers an exciting and innovative way to experience our campus from the comfort of your home. We have created an immersive and interactive tour that allows you to explore our facilities and get a feel for our vibrant school community.

From our outdoor learning area and art room to our textiles room and food technology kitchen, our 3D virtual tour provides a comprehensive look at our campus and the many resources available to our students. You can even visit our chapel, Clonard House, Delany Area and Canteen, Tullow Hall, Kildare Theatre, general learning area, and music area.

Whether you are a prospective student interested in seeing our facilities, a parent wanting to get a better sense of the school, or a curious member of the community, our 3D virtual tour is a fantastic resource. Start exploring our campus today and get a taste of what our school has to offer!