9 NexT Gen Art

Year 9 NexT Gen Art

Redefining Creativity in the Digital Age

What is this subject about:

Step into the cutting-edge world of 21st-century contemporary art, where innovation knows no bounds. In this exhilarating new subject, we’re breaking free from traditional painting and drawing to dive headfirst into the realm of digital sculpture, augmented reality, immersive environments, interactive and art so much more. Get ready to redefine art as we know it!

Why choose this subject

You’ll be at the forefront of artistic exploration, shaping the future of art with your bold ideas and visionary projects. This is an opportunity to explore tech within the art realms and develop technical skill with software, while having a hands-on creative experience. Potential excursions include; National Gallery of Victoria, Geelong Tech School, Geelong Gallery, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

What are we going to be studying?

Prepare to unleash your creativity across a spectrum of mind-bending projects. Be a part of the launch of this subject and help decide the direction of the projects. From crafting mesmerizing neon sculptures to mastering digital painting and illustration, from designing immersive augmented reality experiences to bringing interactive art installations to life, the possibilities are endless.

Where does this subject go?

With each project, you’ll journey deeper into the heart of innovation, honing your skills and expanding your artistic horizons. Whether you dream of becoming a digital sculptor, an AR designer, a multimedia storyteller, or something entirely new, this subject paves the way for an exciting future in the ever-evolving world of art and design.

Careers: With NexT Gen Art, you’ll be equipped to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of creative industries. From digital artistry to multimedia design, the skills you’ll develop will set you apart in the job market of the future. Imagine yourself shaping the visual landscapes of tomorrow!

Pathways: NexT Gen Art isn’t just a subject—it’s a pathway to your future. As you delve into digital making and artistic exploration, you’ll pave the way for further studies in visual communication design, media arts, and more. The journey starts here, but the possibilities are endless!