9 Environmental Science

What is this subject about?
Environmental science is an interdisciplinary science incorporating concepts from biology, chemistry, physics, and geology to help understand the earth’s processes. It looks at the impact humans are having on the environment and involves evaluating alternative energy systems, pollution control and mitigation, natural resource management, and the effects of global climate change. 

Students will have an opportunity to do some of the following:

  • explore the relationships between the environmental spheres of Atmosphere, Hydrosphere (water), Lithosphere (soil and rocks), Biosphere (all living organism)
  • describe the nutrient cycles, Water, Carbon & Nitrogen
  • describe Global Warming and its affects world wide
  • explore some of the environmental issues that threaten Australian habitats, such as salinity and bush fires
  • research how invasive species have affected Australian habitats
  • Zoo excursion to explore Australian native animals and their adaptation to our Australian environment
  • educate ourselves about how the First Nations Peoples farmed and lived sustainably
  • explore how living in a sustainable world might look like in the city and in the country side
  • become familiar with the Minimalism Movement sweeping across the globe

This subject will give you a great lead into the following VCE subjects:

Environmental science, Geography, Outdoor Education, Biology and Chemistry

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at these careers:

* Park ranger
* Soil scientist/Laboratory worker
* Natural therapist
* Mining engineer/mine surveyor
* Marine biologist/Ecologist/Environmental officer
* Landscape architect
* Geologist/Geophyicist/ Geological engineer
* Agricultural engineer/ Agronomist/Agricultural scientist
* Climatologist/Hydrographer/Hydrologist/ Water resources engineer
* Mine supervisor/Minerals process engineer/Natural resource manager
* Urban and regional planner
* Botanist/Zoologist/Zoo keeper/
* Nursery worker/ Landcare worker/Horticultural tradesperson/Greenkeeper
* Aquaculture technician/Farm manager/Animal technician/Fisheries officer
* Forest technical officer/ Arborist/Bushland regenerator
* Chemist/ Microbiologist/Toxicologist