9 Fit4Action

What is this subject about?

Year 9 Fit4Action is about understanding and developing your physical health, using fitness as a focus. You will also learn how fitness can help improve all dimensions of health, including social, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. You will apply the different fitness components and identify which of these are your strengths. You will set goals that YOU want to achieve and build and practice programs for YOUR progress. This subject does not have anything to do with being ‘sporty’. We invite all students from the Athletics carnival record holders to the student who’s never stepped into a public gym before. The most important thing is that you will be challenging yourself to be better!

What are we going to be studying?

• Safety and Awareness
• Benefits of Exercise
• Correct Techniques for Exercises
• Fitness Components & Testing
• Principles of Training
• Goal Setting and Fitness Plan
• Self-Reflection
• Terminology

Where does this subject go?

In terms of related subject’s students who successfully complete Fit4Action in Year 9 should consider:

* VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies
* VCE Physical Education
* VCE Health and Human Development

Directly related career interests may include:
* Teaching
* Coaching
* Personal Training
* Sport Science
* Physiotherapy
* Osteopathy
* Chiropractor
* Nutritionist

How much is the levy?

The Levy is $100 which will cover key experiences to support learning including visiting Fitness Lab for Gym Session and Reformer Pilates, Ark Sports Recovery to experience recovery methods used by elite athletes and a guest speak from Kamana Community to discuss the research behind female hormones and how they impact training.