Digital Soundscapes: making music for the world

Music permeates our lives, providing a soundtrack to our experiences. Why not embark on a journey to create your own tunes?

Digital Soundscapes: making music for the world delves into the realm of digital music creation. Utilizing the latest online tools and digital platforms, you’ll discover the art of crafting music using various materials and methods. Through contemporary music examples, you’ll uncover the secrets behind popular music and explore how your favourite artists bring their melodies to life.

Course Structure: Digital Soundscapes: making music for the world is divided into 5 modules, each offering hands-on musical experiences:

  1. Digital Music Essentials: Engage in practical activities to master beats, notes, scales, melodies, chords, and basslines.
  2. Found Sounds Composition: Experiment with sampling and create music using everyday sounds.
  3. Songwriting: Learn to compose original songs following industry-standard Apra/Amcos lessons and using DAW recording techniques.
  4. Mashup Mastery: Blend two songs together to create an innovative mashup, merging them into a seamless composition.
  5. Soundtrack Design: Craft a musical piece to accompany a still image or short video clip.

Throughout these modules, you’ll gain insights into music composition and production, empowering you to create your own musical works. Collaboration is encouraged, allowing you to share ideas and learn from your peers, regardless of your musical background or experience level.

Skills Development: Digital Soundscapes: making music for the world fosters the development of various skills, including:

  • Collaboration, communication, and teamwork
  • Music production skills: Beats, chord progressions, melodies
  • Critical thinking and active listening
  • Proficiency in technology use
  • Audio recording and editing techniques.
  • Creativity and musical exploration
  • Composition planning and notation
  • Manipulating music elements across different styles and genres
  • Analysing music from contemporary and historical contexts.

This course is a foundation for VCE Units 1-4 or Certificate III in VET Music.