9 Intro to Outdoor Education

What is this subject about?

Year 9 students are being offered the chance to do an Introduction to Outdoor Education in order to get an idea about whether they would want to pursue VCE Outdoor Education. Although VCE is traditionally completed in Years 11 and 12, Outdoor Education is an accelerated subject. Students complete Year 10 Outdoor Education to then accelerate into VCE Unit 3 and 4 in Year 11.

Outdoor Education is basically about learning about the environment. The key difference between Outdoor Education and other subjects is that rather than just study theory, we try to learn through experience in the outdoors. This includes recreational activities such as surfing, mountain bike riding, bushwalking, snorkelling, camping etc. It may also include conservation activities such as tree planting and weeding. Basically, if it happens in the outdoors then it can be regarded as a possibility (however, philosophically we would avoid activities that were damaging to the environment or too dangerous for students e.g. dirt bike riding).

What are we going to be studying?

The aim of this subject will be to give students and introduction to VCE Outdoor Education by developing skills around:

  • Identifying Risks and How to be Safe in the Outdoors
  • Minimal Impact strategies to protect the environment while we use it
  • Basic First Aid knowledge (Note this is not an official certificate)
  • Human Influences on Outdoor Environments

Part of studying Outdoor Education includes learning through outdoor experiences. Student will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge firsthand and draw on their outdoor experiences to build their understanding.

Each outdoor experience will include a journal component and ties dire assessment tasks.

Where does this subject go?

In terms of related subjects students who successfully complete Outdoor Ed. in Year 9 should consider:
* Year 9 Fit4Action
* Year 10 Fit4Action
* Year 10 Outdoor Education
* VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies (in Year 11)
* VCE Physical Education

Directly related career interests may include:
* Outdoor Education Teacher
* Outdoor Instructor
* Professional Guide e.g. World Expeditions Leader
* Marine Biologist
* Conservationist
* Professional (i.e. sponsored) Athlete e.g. Rock-Climber, Surfer, Mountaineer etc.
* Park Ranger

Any Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions…

The Levy
This subject is not covered by your school fees and an additional levy is charged upon your enrolment. The levy for each student is approximately $275.00 in 2024 (Note: This levy is also applied to Year 10 OES $275 and VCE $370 for Unit 3-4)

How many camps are there in Year 9 Outdoor Ed?
However, you will experience 4 days trips – Ocean Grove, Anglesea, Queenscliff and St Leonards.