9 Legal & Political Systems

The Year 9 curriculum builds students’ understanding of Australia’s political system and how it enables change. Students examine the ways political parties, interest groups, media and individuals influence government and decision-making processes. They investigate the features and principles of Australia’s court system, including its role in applying and interpreting Australian law. Students also look at Australia’s system of government through comparison with another system of government in the Asian region. Students examine Australia’s roles and responsibilities within the international context, such as its involvement with the United Nations. Students also study the purpose and work of the High Court. They investigate the values and practices that enable a democratic society to be sustained. Students also examine global connectedness and how this is shaping contemporary Australian society.

Where does this subject go?

This subject is the logical lead onto:

  • Year 10 Legal Studies

  • VCE Legal Studies

  • VCE Global Politics

  • VCE Australian Politics

This subject is advantageous if you are looking at careers in:

  • Business

  • Finance

  • The Law

  • Government and the Public Service

  • International Relations