9 Theatre Studies

What is this subject about?

This course gives students the opportunity to explore a number of different scenes from a variety of plays. Students will spend a lot of class time doing practical work, working independently or with a small group of classmates. Students will also learn how to apply design to their work to enhance their performances.

Such design areas include costume, makeup, set, props and lighting. Students also watch a professional production in a theatre and review the acting and design choices.

What are we going to be studying?

Students look at a range of scenes from modern plays and choose two or three to learn for a performance at the end of the semester. When working on those two or three scenes, students will learn about the theatrical styles associated with the plays being studied. Each scene will last between five and fifteen minutes. Students will also learn how to develop and improve their acting skills.

Where does this subject go?

Students who study Theatre Studies at Year 9 can go on to do Backstage and/or Drama Production in Year 10. In VCE, students can study Theatre Studies, which builds on and develops the skills and knowledge gained in Year 9.

The skills gained in Theatre Studies are useful in the workplace and in future studies. Theatre Studies improves students’ creativity, organisational skills, time-management and confidence. Students also develop their ability to think critically, solve problems and analyse information.

Studying Drama/Theatre Studies can lead to careers such as:

* Actor
* Producer
* Makeup artist
* Film maker
* Set designer
* Drama teacher
* Costume designer
* Publicist or advertiser
* Events manager
* Stage manager
* Journalist or arts reviewer
* Artist (e.g. set painter, sculpture, photographer)
* Writer for film, television, theatre, radio
* Film, stage and television director
* Lighting designer/operator
* Sound designer/operator
* Arts administrator
* Education officer with a theatre company, museum, gallery