We would like to extend a warm welcome to all the returning students and staff as well as those who are beginning their journey here at Clonard College. After witnessing the growth and persistence of the College through a couple of challenging years at home, we are not only proud but also beyond excited to represent Clonard College as the College Co-Captains for 2023.

After a year of rebuilding connections, we aspire to further strengthen the College community by instilling a sense of ‘Courage’ alongside the other values of Kildare Ministries. Stepping back into the community at the beginning of the school year filled us both with optimism and passion as we embark on the opportunities that lay ahead. As we visualise our 2023 theme of ‘Courage’ we look to unite the College through encouraging meaningful relationships and taking a leap of faith.

There is not one word that describes how thrilled we are to work with the 2023 leadership team. Each person is passionate, dedicated and determined in their individual roles and commit themselves to working collaboratively amongst other leaders to be the change they want to see. We also recognise that a badge does not determine a leader, but the progressive actions they take to influence positive change.

Not only is Clonard a facility for education but it’s also a place where students and teachers can come to grow as individuals as they are presented with an endless array of opportunities. After five full years at the school, we are proud to acknowledge how Clonard has shaped our identity as young women.

As we embark on our final year, we look forward to opening up the possibilities for all our peers as well as reflecting on those that were open to us throughout our time here. We are grateful to have received such a position and hope to be an inspiring example to others like those who have been and continue to be for us.

We cannot wait to see what 2023 brings for the Clonard community!

Be Not Afraid, Take Courage. Arise!