A message from the College Captains 2022

We are proud and excited to represent Clonard College as the College Captains for 2022. After a gruelling two years of separation, we wish to express our school theme of ‘Connecting with Compassion’ to lead and inspire our school community to invest in meaningful relationships with one another.

When we put on the Clonard uniform, it is not just a school uniform; it is a representation of all the values that Clonard stands for, which we aspire to live and lead by in our daily lives. It is what unites us as a community, and we hope to encourage our fellow peers to wear it with pride.

The leadership team of 2022 is filled with passionate and determined young adults, each of whom bring life and authenticity in their leadership to create a more welcoming and progressive environment for our school. Their work in many areas such as the arts, liturgy and identity, sustainability, and social justice – amongst many others – hopes to leave a lasting legacy within our community to benefit the future of Clonard.

Clonard is not only a place for education, it is also a place where you are given the opportunity to become the best version of yourself. We have been fortunate enough to grow as individuals during our time, and we strive to inspire and influence the Clonard community to embrace the unknown and any new opportunities that may arise. 

We would not be in this amazing position without the endless support of fellow peers, the staff and wider Clonard community, who have been by our sides from the beginning. We will do our best to ensure that this year is a memorable one for everyone, and we are optimistic that we can overcome any obstacles that we may face – that is the Clonard way!

We cannot wait to see what is in store for 2022 at Clonard!