A message from the College Captains

For 2021, we have been given the amazing opportunity to represent our school as College Captains and fundamentally listen to and amplify the voice of each individual of our growing Clonard family.

We feel proud to put on our school uniform every day knowing that we are wearing the emblem of a school that lets us express our individuality, supports our passions, and encourages us to strive towards being the best versions of ourselves.

We love that this role gives us the chance to influence Clonard, and help it work towards a brighter future. A future where we not only read textbooks to enhance our academic knowledge but where we also learn about how we can each make the world a better place.

Our 2021 leadership team is filled with incredible young women who all bring personal zest to their roles which cover all aspects of Clonard, including sports, academics, the arts, social justice, sustainability, and health and wellbeing (just to name a few).

As we reflect on our team and all the support we are being provided in this role, we can’t help but feel confident that the year ahead will be amazing, filled with not only new opportunities but also challenges. We are ready to embrace 2021 with open arms. Cheers to a new year!


Lucy Williams and Alisha Nurnaitis