An ANZAC Tribute

ANZAC day for myself and my family is a very special and important day for us. We remember the service of those who sacrificed their lives to fight for our country, I especially think of my Pa (Laurie Evans). Pa served during the time of the Vietnam War in 1969/70 a sacrifice that I will forever look up to him for.
I remember when I was little, I asked him what he did on weekends during the time he was serving, he said “every day was the same”. Back then, I probably didn’t understand but now on reflection, it makes me appreciate the sacrifices he made for his country and family so much more. I’ll be forever grateful for his selflessness.

For my family and I, ANZAC day and the dawn service is something we wouldn’t miss even if there is a Global Pandemic happening! Yes, COVID-19 may stop us from attending the traditional ceremonies including the local dawn service and the marching parade through Malop street and not to forget the local RSL but what we will do is stand in our driveway to #lightupthedawn followed by a minute’s silence to commemorate the ANZACs who fought for our country. I encourage those who can to do the same. Lest we forget.
– Laura Evans, Year 12.

Anzac Day Dawn live Service from 5:50 am via the following link: