ANZAC Assembly

The Year 10 PreCAL group in its entirety showed courage, faith and wonder in the time they took to prepare for this Assembly.  They stood in front of the whole school  and led the remembrance of our Australian fallen soldiers to remind all students of the importance of the men and women who have given their lives for us.

They created the PowerPoint first creating a version with text and then with just pictures.  They helped each other to make the 1000 material poppies for students to plant around the flame at Clonard house after the assembly.  They cut and attached hairpins to 1000 rosemary sprigs to give out to the girls to wear for the day and to remember the fallen soldiers.  They embraced the challenge of presenting to the school took part either reading on stage or handing out  and standing in the hall. 

Sienna Watson and Maddy Weir both first nations students read the Acknowledgement to country and the prayer, Anika Ginn read a reflection, Paige O’Neill ( Year 12 VCAL) read an introduction, Zoe Richards read a letter from a soldier and Catie Serra read the final Ode before the last post.  They wore their best uniforms and blazers, were respectful and brought a sense of dignity gravity and understanding to the rituals that the whole school appreciated. Isabella Mc Donald, Anika Ginn  and Ella Ryan carried the student wreaths to the flame. We were all extremely proud of them. 

We were also proud to have Shane Telford, Sacha Saker and Ailish Tyrell to represent the services and Jarrah Cuttriss in her cadets uniform in attendance to accompany the wreaths to the flag raising.  Thanks to all of these staff and students who went out of their way to bring their medals and contribute to the ceremonies. 

Thanks also to the rest of the class who stood with patience and gravitas with their baskets to hand out the poppies and rosemary after the Rouse: Millie Bayliss, Georgia Celi, Savannah Garia-Aria, Emily Hase, Chloe Payne, Sarah Schultz, Meg Small, Olivia Wilson and Holly Winkler. We have a great team of staff in VCAL and PreCAL who helped and supported this event for months as we researched and planned in numeracy, Literacy and Industry and Enterprise; alongside the integration aides, Evonne and Bonnie who assisted the girls.   It was a fitting way to mark the moment for all of the girls at Clonard.