Athletics Carnival

We were blessed with a magnificent day for our annual Athletics Carnival down at Landy Field. Sunscreen was high on the agenda! Our students were eager to participate having missed last year’s Carnival due to COVID. The lines at the high jump area were overwhelming! Throwing also proved popular and the 100m was compulsory for the junior years. The student leaders did a terrific job encouraging students in their respective Houses to participate to gain valuable House points. The Year 12 students enjoyed their final Athletics Carnival running and jumping in various costumes. It was lovely to see brides and bananas running around the track!!

We had nine records broken on the day: Adasha Boxer Year 10 Shotput and Discus, Madeline Berginic Year 12 80m Hurdles, Chantelle Leslie-Hughes Year 8 80m Hurdles, Ida Laherty Year 9 100 metres and 400 metres, Lucy Marescuk Year 9 200m and 80m Hurdles. Year 12 Relay was also broken by Lelia. The Clonard Gift championship event had the top ten 100 metre runners for the day, Ida Laherty (Year 9) won this event in blistering time.

Finian won the Staff House relay.

Finian once again won the Championship.

Congratulations to all students on the day. Please see a full summary of results below.

Field Champions

Year 7 Ruby Stenton                     Kildare

Year 8 Jodie Budge                        Kildare

Year 9 Eve Cannon                        Finian

Year 10 Georgia Holmes               Xavier

Year 11 Natalie Picak                    Finian

Year 12 Madeline Berginic           Finian

Overall Champions

Year 7 Esme Conlan                      Lelia

Year 8 Chantelle Leslie-Hughes  Xavier                 

Year 9 Ida Laherty                         Lelia

Year 10 Adasha Boxer                  Kildare

Year 11 Kiahna Fallon                   Lelia                    

Year 12 Ingrid Houtsma                Lelia

Athlete of the Carnival

Adasha Boxer    Kildare

Participation Cup


Relay Championship


House Championship