Attendance – Why Everyday Counts

At Clonard College, we want every student to achieve their best. The 2022 Annual Action Plan reflects this with goal set to: Promote and monitor high levels of attendance as a precondition for learning success.

To best support this, attendance at school each and every day is essential. Absences from school can have a major impact on academic and social development. School helps young people to develop the important skills, knowledge & values that will set them up for lifelong learning and participation in the community.

There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts him behind and can affect his educational outcomes.

Only missing…That equals…Which is…Over 13 years of schooling, that’s…
10 minutes per day50 minute per weekNearly 1.5 weeks per yearNearly HALF A YEAR
20 minutes per day1 hour 40 minutes per weekNearly 2.5 weeks per yearNearly 1 YEAR
Half an hour per dayHalf a day per week4 weeks per yearNearly 1 AND A HALF YEARS
1 hour per day1 day per week8 weeks per yearNearly 2 AND A HALF YEARS

To support student’s regular attendance, please avoid scheduling hair, dental or medical appointments during school hours. Arrange family holidays during scheduled school holidays so that students don’t miss out on classes. Planned extended absences require consultation with the year level Wellbeing and Community Leader. If an absence is unavoidable , please SMS, or phone as early as possible on the day of absence or login to your PAM account to enter the absence and reason.