Body Confident Teens Webinar

Let’s Talk Body Confident Children and Teens(FREE)

This webinar provides information and practical tips on promoting positive body image and healthy behaviours in the home for parents/carers of primary and secondary age children

Body image influences | The importance of positive body image| The power of positive role modelling | Reducing toxic body talk | What to do if concerned

Date: Monday 22nd November 2021

Time: 7pm – 8pm (AEDT), plus 15mins for questions

Format: Live, via Zoom (no recording)

For: Parents/carers of primary and secondary age children

Covers: Body image influences | Importance of positive body image| Positive role modelling | Reducing toxic body talk| Responding to appearance bullying | What to do if concerned

Date: Monday, 22nd November 2021

Time: 7pm – 8.15pm (AEDT)

Format: Live, via Zoom (no recording)

Webinar registration: BCCT for BKF