Booklists 2021

Please find attached the booklists for all students in Year 7– 12 for their 2021 studies. 
I would also like to assure you that we have made a commitment to you to minimise the booklist by removing all unnecessary stationary, books, folders and plastics to make the list more economical and environmentally sensitive.  What is on the list is determined by the mandatory by teachers to enable your daughter to access the coursework. I want to thank the Learning Leaders and the teachers for their determination to make the list as minimal as possible.

I would like to draw your attention to the following in advance of completing your booklist selections for 2021.

  • If you miss a deadline, the booklist remains open but the cost of delivery increases to a maximum of $21.95.
  • A few parents have missed the November 6 deadline for Unit 3 & 4 (Year 12) studies.  The list is still open and you can order your books and, at this time, the cost is still $5.95 but this is for a short time only.  Please go onto the website and order the texts as soon as possible.  Students need to have their texts for Early Commencement on November 23 and given texts will be delivered within 5 – 7 days of ordering, we would urge you to complete this.
  • Students purchasing books for Unit 1 & 2 studies (Year 11) in 2021, you need to complete their lists by November 27.  The delivery charge is $ 5.95 and orders will be received within 5 – 7 days.  You will note on the front of the list is says November 6 – that deadline has been extended to accommodate late changes. 
  • Students purchasing books for all other studies, please note the closing date is December 16.  The delivery charge is $5.95 and orders will be delivered to your home before the commencement of school.
  • Attached a short information text about ordering online.
  • Visit for online orders College Code: 6MX9

NELP and Advanced classes – Year 8 – 9

Teachers are in the process of determining who will be invited to NLEP English and Mathematics (Year 8 – 9) and Advanced English and Mathematics (Year 8 only – students self-elect into Advanced classes at Year 9 so those decisions have already been made).   


If your daughter is currently in the NLEP for English and/or Mathematics, you will receive an email next week which will tell you the level at which the teacher believes your daughter is performing and a recommendation to either continue in the NLEP for 2021 or move to a mainstream course. 


It is important to note that students who are in Foundation (NLEP) English at Year 9 will go into PRECAL at Year 10. 

This means that Foundation English at Year 9 is not a pathway to VCE so if your daughter is determined to go to VCE and is in the NLEP at Year 8 for English she must go into mainstream Year 9 not Foundation English.  If this is not the recommendation of the teacher, it must be understood that this transition will be challenging.


Students in Foundation Mathematics at Year 9 move into Skills Maths at Year 10.  This means that Mathematics in VCE is no longer an option.  Encourage your daughter to check with the Careers Practitioner, Ms Gab Mahon, if Mathematics is necessary for your daughter’s chosen career pathway.  If this is the case, students should move into mainstream at the beginning of Year 9.  Again, this could present significant challenges but we believe that the NLEP and Foundation classes need to be voluntary.

Advanced studies:

Students will be invited, via an email to parents, to the Advanced Year 8 English and Mathematics classes for 2021.  I have asked teachers to contact parents of students in Advanced Year 7 English and Mathematics over the next week to have a conversation about their concerns if they do not recommend a student continue to Advanced English or Mathematics in 2021 from Advanced Year 7 classes. 

We acknowledge this can be very difficult however, if student performance and data suggest a student is better placed and will have a more successful experience, in a general classroom, then it is important that we are transparent with parents at all times. 

In any of these cases, please respond to the invitations as quickly as possible so that we can begin arranging the Wellbeing classes of 2021 which require this information. 

If you have any questions about requirements for particular subjects, please contact the appropriate Learning Leader. 


Jo Ryan                            English and the Arts                 

Liz Rush                            VCAL                                          

Clare Meredith                Humanities                                

Madeline Smith              Science                                       

Patrick Dwyer                  Religion and Mathematics      

Meg Porier                      Health/PR                                   

Eoghan Brownen            LOTE and Technology