Brigid’s Garden Program
Kiwi Fruits
Kiwi fruits are a fruit that we harvest in autumn. In the garden program we harvested 665 kiwi fruits, which weighed a total of 35kg. The kiwi fruit we picked filled up 10 buckets. While we were harvesting the kiwi fruit, Bobby the possum was watching us high up in the kiwi vine.
We wanted to sell the kiwi fruit so we put 5 in each paper bag. We had 133 bags of kiwi fruit to sell. We will sell the bags of kiwi fruit for $2 each. We took a trolley with all the bags of kiwi fruit to the staff room and we put signs up advertising the kiwi fruit.
By Dani Juric

About Chickens and What They Eat
In the Secret Garden live four chickens, named Agnes, Charlene, Dani Junior and Fluffy.

Chickens love having dirt baths. Chickens need to eat leafy vegetables or have access to eating grass every day. They love silver beet, spinach, kale, cabbage leaves, sorrel, and dandelion.

They must have fresh, cool water. Poultry drink 1-2 cups of water daily. Chickens deprived of water will stop laying eggs. Types of feed for chickens are coarse grains, pellets or crumble, mash, food scraps (fresh), insects, and green forage.

Fun facts about chickens:
• Chickens can dream.
• Chickens have great memories.
• Chickens have better vision than humans.
• Chickens have a pecking order.
• Chickens can run up to 14km/h.
• Chickens can memorize over a 100 people’s faces.
• Chickens have strong colour vision.
• They have scales on their legs.
• Chickens have vents to help them poop.

By Bella Vanderwel

Green Manure
Green Manure helps to improve the health of your soil naturally. Before the holidays we planted some green manure seeds in The Secret Garden and in the garden beds next to Food Tech. The seeds will grow into plants and then we will dig them back into the soil to add nutrients.

By Genevieve Kennedy

Autumn Winter Planting
We received some autumn and winter vegetable seeds from The Diggers Club to plant into our garden. Some of the seeds that need to be planted directly into the garden include swede, turnip, parsnip, and radish. Other seeds will be planted in punnets and grow into seedlings before we plant into the garden. They include cabbage, ‘King Richard’ leeks, cauliflower, and kale. Different flowers help to attract bees and insects to our garden. Some flower seeds we will be planting include Nemophila ‘Baby Blue Eyes’, Billy Buttons, and Bergamot ‘Panorama’.

By Lisa Singline