Brigid’s Garden Program Update

The Brigid’s Garden Program students have been very busy in and outside the garden, with a visit to Genu Nursery last week and cooking up a storm in the kitchen this week.

Recently, the Brigid’s Garden Program students visited Gen-U Nursery in South Geelong.

Last week they visited Gen-U Nursery in South Geelong, where they were able to view different native species and learnt how a native nursery works. The College purchased vanilla lily, river mint and seaside daisies to plant in the school garden.

This week, they cooked their own unique take on Spinach and Feta Triangles using their harvest of Warrigal Greens and broad beans, served with a Salad of the Imagination. The salad was created using a mix of lettuce leaves, mint, parsley and flower petals from calendula and nasturtium.