Brigid’s Garden Program runs each Wednesday for a select group of students and in term one welcomed several new students and India Mintram-Porter as assistant. We have explored safety with various activities in the garden and the kitchen.  Learning about planting of seeds both directly into our garden beds and nurturing seeds to get started inside the greenhouse in punnets has been a new experience for some. 

Harvesting an abundance of apples led to the cooking of some delicious Apple Cinnamon Muffins and students got to practice their peeling and knife skills. Doing weekly observations helps determines which jobs are required such as maintenance with weeding, pruning, and watering. Observing what changes are happening also gives us an opportunity to experience the garden with our senses. Mindfulness is a weekly focus and one week we created mandalas using flowers, stones, sticks, and leaves collected in the garden. The students enjoyed finishing the term with a fun visit to the Geelong Table Tennis Centre and to Soft Café.