Student Achievement – Art

I love making art, especially drawing and painting and I also love animals. I live in the country and I am surrounded by all sorts of wildlife and find it really inspiring, the animals, nature and the atmosphere of it all together. During the Covid […]

Year 11 VCE-VM Art Exhibition

The Year 11 VCE-VM had their Art Exhibition launch on Monday 18th March upstairs in the Brigidine Centre. This Art Project is linked to Outcome 1- Personal Development Skills. The project’s aim was to encourage self-reflection of the students and allow them to reflect on […]

Year 12 Art Exhibition

Thursday 5 October the Arts Faculty hosted a wonderful evening to celebrate the work of VCE Arts students. This included a display from Art Creative Practice, including works in a range of mixed mediums, as well as folios from Visual Communication Design and Media Studies. […]

VCE Art, Media and Design Exhibition

Let’s celebrate the artistic brilliance of VCE Arts 2023! Join us on Thursday 5 October, from 5pm to 7pm, as we showcase remarkable student creations in Art Creative Practice, Media and Visual Communication Design. Experience a captivating evening filled with visual artistry and multimedia wonders. […]

Student Art display

The Brigidine Centre foyer currently features an amazing Art display from Years 9, 10, 11 and 12. VCE Art-Creative Practice Unit 1 – In which the students explored three key artists, indigenous artist Yulyurlu Lorna Napurrurla Fencer, Ah Xian and another artist of choice.  The […]

Year 7 Visual Arts

The Year 7Y students have completed an extensive investigation into the POP ART style of Art. The practical component of this Unit requires the students to create a ceramic mug and gift box that are based on the Pop Art style. The students have now […]

Clonard Celebrates Arts Week

Arts Week 2022 – a student led week filled with a range of activities that included the performing and visual arts. Thank you to the amazing team for all your help. Activities included chalk art, music Kahoots, dance, and a very intense Art Scavenger Hunt […]

Arts Week at Clonard

From 14 – 18 November is Arts Week at Clonard. To celebrate Arts Week, the Arts Leaders have organised a week full of fun, creative lunchtime activities, including: MONDAY – Drawing in the VISCOM Room.TUESDAY – Chalk drawing in front of the Staff room and Junior […]


This week, the beautiful grounds of Clonard came alive at night, as the Year 12 Theatre Studies class, along with students from Years 8-10 presented a magical production of Mary Zimmerman’s play, Metamorphoses. Audiences were led around parts of the grounds by a tour leader, […]

Art in the Library

The Brigidine Centre library is fortunate to be able to display art works from Year 8, 10 and VCE students. Here is a sample of their wonderful art. Thanks to Ms Newnham for arranging the art display and to our talented students. The display of […]