Year 9 Beach Bush City Experience

Beach Bush City Reflection In Year 9, instead of staying at an overnight camp, we were lucky enough to receive three awesome excursions, including a trip to Melbourne CBD to explore the Sea Life aquarium and shop to our hearts content at South Wharf DFO. […]

Year 7 Camp 2024

The Year 7 camp last Monday and Tuesday at Lake Dewar Discovery Camp was a fun and memorable experience for both students and staff. The weather was absolutely beautiful. The camp provided the opportunity for staff and students to build connections, move out of comfort […]

Year 9 Outdoor Ed Camp

The Year 9 Outdoor Ed have had an eventful semester that has required patience and resilience. After dangerous weather postponed their camp they had to deal with the uncertainty for changing to a new date and changing location. Eventually they got camp off the group […]

Year 9 Intro to Outdoor Education

The Year 9 Introduction to Outdoor Education class visited Edwards’s Point last week to learn further about the impacts that humans can have on an environment. With the support of the conservation group “Friends of Edwards Point” they participated in the removal of weeds and […]

Year 10 Camps

Last week, the Year 10 students headed off on two different camps down the Great Ocean Road to Anglesea. The first group, hiked, explored the mouth of the river, and spent some downtime relaxing with yoga and chocolate. The second group played Rock Pool Ramble, […]

Year 9 Day Camps

Last week, instead of the traditional camp with nights away, the Year 9 students got to experience three different ‘day’ camps, where they each visited the Bush, Beach and City on a different day. On the Bush Camp, students visited the beautiful Anakie Gorge, where […]

Outdoor Education

Mount Arapiles The Unit 1 and 2 students visited Mount Arapiles in western Victoria last week. They explored this unique environment through bush walking and rock climbing. There were many challenges for this camp and the class really took to it!

Year 8 Camp Reflections

Clonard staff at Year 8 Camp at a disco for all, with a theme of Neon 90’s.  The date was April 2021 and the venue Point Lonsdale Hall.   The teachers looked hilarious in their outfits with all sorts of neon colours and their fantastic, crazy […]

Units 1 and 2 Outdoor Ed Camp

FORREST CAMPUnits 1 and 2 Outdoor Ed students enjoyed a two day camp in Forrest last week, embracing all the elements including getting muddy on the mountain bike trails, visiting the glow worms at night time before an early start on Lake Elizabeth searching for […]