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Wonder – Seeing beyond I have never grown up when it comes to bubbles. For me, bubbles get you in. They make me laugh. They fascinate me. They make me feel alive. They are something of mystery – so fragile and yet so beautiful, such […]

Christmas Food Drive

The Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project (BASP) is one of a number of projects in Australia that seek to support asylum seekers. The Brigidine sisters who operate the Project aim to provide hospitality and practical support for asylum seekers. This Christmas they will be supporting a […]

Year 12 Graduation

Last week, we were thrilled to be able to gather our Year 12s together safely for the first time since March this year. It was an emotional time coming together in ceremony, to graduate, reflect and say farewell. Although they leave us now, no longer […]

Principal’s Blog

As I drove to school this morning I was drawn to thinking about thresholds, the space between what is and what is to come. The notion of ‘thresholds’ has significance for us with our Brigidne tradition, as legend says that St Brigid was born on […]

Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project

Never before has the work of BASP been so important.  With very little money and resources they are doing a lot to support asylum seekers and refugees in our community. Covid19 has made that work even more essential as these vulnerable people have no access […]

Year 12 – You’ve Got This!

Archbishop of Melbourne Peter A. Comensoli delivers a message of support and encouragement for our Year 12 students. Many other staff and students from around Melbourne and Geelong sent messages of support to all Year 12s, you might recognise one of our own in the […]

Season of Creation

SAVE OUR OCEANS AND MARINE LIFE // Celebrating the Season of Creation brought to you by Ella from the Sustainability Team. SAVE THE BEES // Celebrating the Season of Creation brought to you by Lauren from the Sustainability Team.

Principal’s Blog

Sometime last year, at a formation day with the Kildare Ministries Principals and Managers of the KM community works, we were challenged to consider ‘how will we be known?’ The answer, for us, is in the way we express a spirituality of justice inspired by […]