Faces of Clonard

Meet Mrs Katie Wilson. Mrs Wilson has been a member of staff since 2013 teaching mainly in the humanities and VCAL domains. Mrs Wilson is also the VET/SBAT Leader working within the Senior Pathways Team and liaising with students and outside providers to find purposeful […]

VTAC Application

Year 12 – Applications for University, TAFE and other Higher Education Providers The VTAC online application for our Year 12 students applying for further study at TAFE, University or other Independent Tertiary Providers opened on the 3rd August 2020. Timely applications close 30th of September […]

9 Science – Plate Tectonics

Recently, in Year 9 Science our students have been learning about plate tectonics. This week they have been working on an engineering design challenge to build an earthquake resistant building. Some of the leading designs channeled the work of Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban. Although some […]

Crying in the name of Science

Crying in the name of science! Year 12 biology students are completing Area of Study 3 practical investigation where they are testing the antibacterial effectiveness of tears compared to antiseptics and disinfectants. Tears contain enzymes called lysozymes which have antibacterial properties and help destroy pathogens […]

Career profiles – NRW edition

Jess Gallagher, Graduate Year: 2007 After Clonard I studied a Bachelor of Law/Arts at Deakin University but after my first year, I realised law wasn’t my passion (despite absolutely loving VCE Legal Studies with Mr McCallum). I moved to Victoria University and began studying a […]

VCE, VCAL & VET update

Changes to the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) in 2020  The Victorian Government has announced that, on advice from the Chief Health Officer, all Victorian government schools will move to remote and flexible learning and teaching for Term 2.  The Victorian Government has also announced […]

Talking about Corona Virus

The concern surrounding the Corona Virus outbreak is causing great anxiety and angst to people everywhere. Although children are considered to be in a lower risk category, this does not protect them from being exposed to news reports on television, radio or social media. As […]

Yr 8 Humanities: Landforms & Landscapes

As part of their investigation into coastal landforms and processes of deposition and erosion students in Year eight Humanities have been creating dioramas and 3D models of a variety of coastal landforms. Students were asked to make a range of depositional landforms and erosional landforms. This […]