Multicultural Week at Clonard

A Cultural Banquet held last week set the tone for celebrating all things Multicultural. Our Year 11 students invited family members to assist them in making cultural dishes and sharing them as a banquet. The dishes ranged from savoury to dessert, showcasing a variety of […]

Community Cook-Up Meals

Each term the ‘Living Justly’ student team here at Clonard, under the valued guidance of Eileen Mackenzie, volunteer their time to cook meals after school for those in our community in need. We now have a freezer full of meals for families in need, including […]

Year 9 Food Studies Food Truck Task

Year 9 Food Studies were assigned to make different foods inspired by different countries around the world. My partner and I were specifically chosen to do French food, the food was made together in partners, and we just had to share it between two people […]