Year 8 Remote Learning

Year 8 English – Horror Character Descriptions Year 8s have been working on writing about character. It was also Bookweek dress-up day so the class was asked to dress up as the character they were writing about. Sienna Mc Innes So, the big old house […]

St Brigid’s Garden Group Reflection

Each week we do garden jobs, like raking the leaves, feeding the chickens, pruning the kiwi fruit vine, pulling out weeds and planting plants. We checked the air temperature, soil temperature, water, and greenhouse temperature. We also check the moon phase each week, the garden conditions and time recorded. We go on fun trips.   By Isabelle Birrell  This term in garden […]

Senior Years Information Evening

On Monday 10 May, we will hold our Subject Expo and Senior Years Information Night.  The target audience for this evening is Year 8, 9 and, where relevant, Year 10 students along with their parents.  If you attended the Senior Years Information Night last year, […]

ANZAC Assembly

The Year 10 PreCAL group in its entirety showed courage, faith and wonder in the time they took to prepare for this Assembly.  They stood in front of the whole school  and led the remembrance of our Australian fallen soldiers to remind all students of […]

Year 11 Biology Excursion

Three Year 11 biology classes recently went on an excursion to the Marine biology centre in Queenscliff. In class, we had been learning about the different types of asexual production and got to apply this knowledge on our journey around the different rooms. – Lauren […]

U3/4 Sovereign Hill Excursion

On Tuesday 16 March, our Unit 3/4 Australian History class attended an excursion back in time to  the Eureka Museum and Sovereign Hill Ballarat. The girls learned about pressures for change to the limited political rights which existed on the goldfields, the agitation for change […]

In the Classrooms

Year 8 Science classes have been exploring how Aboriginal art often takes inspiration from the natural world. Through their study of the microscope, students used microscope slides as an inspiration for a piece of art. The representation below is a pumpkin stem slide and the […]

New Metrics for Success

NEW METRICS FOR SUCCESS // This year we are really excited to be a selected school working in partnership with the University of Melbourne to undertake a collaborative research venture addressing the problems faced by Australian schools today. This is an opportunity to reimagine schooling […]

Year 7 NLEP Numeracy

Over the last three weeks, the students have been investigating 3-D shape. They designed a rocket on paper and labelled it using various 3-D shapes such as rectangular prisms and triangular pyramids. Based on their design drawing, the students are enthusiastically creating their rocket using […]

High Achievers 2020

Today, our High Achievers of 2020 were celebrated during a ceremony in front of their parents and our current Year 12s. We acknowledged the outstanding achievement of students who studied at senior secondary certificates last year, in particular: students who received ATARs over 90 and […]