Year 9 English

Year 9 English students, Alice Taylor, Jasmine Wilden and Breanna Baker sent their letter regarding Mental Health in Geelong and it was published during the week. Great job, girls! Year 9 English students, Zoe and Nicole composed the following letter to send in to the […]

In the classroom – Numeracy & Mathematics

Year 7 Numeracy The Year 7 Numeracy class have been learning about Fractions. One of the tasks was locating fractions on a number line. Four students placed a clothes peg to represent a fraction on a number line (rope) and their classmates voted on who […]

In the classroom

Year 7 Numeracy Yr 7 Numeracy with Mr Houlihan, Deb and Indi made play dough to use in mathematics. Their current topic is Fractions. They created simple and improper fractions and mixed numbers with the playdough. They also explored the concept of equivalence and addition and subtraction […]

Let’s Stay Together

They are finally here…a term break in a term that was strange, long and for many, exhausting.  But we have made it and we have done so because we stayed together.  They say that teaching isn’t a job – it’s a vocation and what I […]

11 VCAL Achieve Fest

Last week Year 11 VCAL students had the opportunity to remotely attend Achieve Fest, a dynamic two day immersion event designed to explore identity, build networks, and develop the skills needed to thrive now and into the future. The event focused on enhancing skills to transition […]

Year 7 Advanced English

Students in Year 7 Advanced English are studying the classic novel ‘Anne of Green Gables’. In the novel, Anne recites the famous Alfred Noyle’s poem, ‘The Highwayman’. In class during remote learning, we looked at some of the features of this poem and the students […]

Year 7-10 Bebras Maths Competition

BEBRAS The Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge will take place from 7– 21 September 2020. Bebras is a great way to engage students In Mathematics in collaborative, creative, and critical thinking. The goal of the Bebras Challenge is to promote computational thinking skills in a […]

Science Week Bake Off Winner!

Congratulations Zoe Jones of Year 12 on this incredible winning entry for the Science Week Bake off. Awesome and delicious!

Remote Learning Guidelines

As we settle in to Remote Learning once again, it is a good time to remind ourselves of the responsibilities and expectations for all of us.  We ask that students and parents go over the document below: Remote Learning Guidelines and ensure the routine and habits […]

Onward we go – together

We are now in the full-swing of remote learning for our students and what an amazing community we are.  The first time we moved off-site, we took two weeks to learn technology that, at any other time, would have taken months – some might argue […]