Year 7 Maths Games

The Year 7 students this year are taking part in the APSMO Maths Games during Terms 2 and 3.  The Maths Games consists of four separate contests held approximately six weeks apart between May and September. The overall aim is to encourage students to develop […]

Yr 7 Numeracy ‘Number and Algebra’

The Yr 7 Numeracy class’ current unit is ‘Number and Algebra’.  During their class today, Friday, the class took part in a Kahoot. The students were asked to completed number patterns and identify rules.  Gold to Peppa, silver to Dakottah and bronze to Emmerson.  Kahoot is […]

iFLY Excursion

The Physics and Math specialist students visited iFLY to look at gravity, linear motion and forces.  The photos speak for themselves!

Year 7 NLEP Numeracy

In Year 7 Numeracy, students continued their exploration of Fractions.  They used MM’s to show how the same number of MM’s can be expressed as a common fraction, decimal fraction and also as a percentage. After a big week of NAPLAN, they then enjoyed eating […]

Year 8 Mathematics

Students have been learning the language around ‘Chance’. They were given scenarios eg ‘You flip a coin and and get a tail’. Students had to stand next to one of the words on the given line (probability scale). eg highly likely. Part of this was […]

In the classroom – Numeracy & Mathematics

Year 7 Numeracy The Year 7 Numeracy class have been learning about Fractions. One of the tasks was locating fractions on a number line. Four students placed a clothes peg to represent a fraction on a number line (rope) and their classmates voted on who […]

In the classroom

Year 7 Numeracy Yr 7 Numeracy with Mr Houlihan, Deb and Indi made play dough to use in mathematics. Their current topic is Fractions. They created simple and improper fractions and mixed numbers with the playdough. They also explored the concept of equivalence and addition and subtraction […]