Parenting Teens Who Worry

Event Summary Is worry about their future, Covid-19 and the uncertainty of our times affecting your young person’s life today? Schooling, home life, relationships with family and friends and a sense of self and emotional wellbeing can all be challenged by the current crisis. In […]

Free Suicide Prevention Training for parents

The Parent Education for Responding to and Supporting Youth with Suicidal Thoughts (PERSYST) study aims to improve parents’ capacity to support young people at risk of suicide. Victorian parents and carers of young people aged 12-25 living in Victoria are invited to take part in […]

Remote Learning Guidelines

As we settle in to Remote Learning once again, it is a good time to remind ourselves of the responsibilities and expectations for all of us.  We ask that students and parents go over the document below: Remote Learning Guidelines and ensure the routine and habits […]

Onward we go – together

We are now in the full-swing of remote learning for our students and what an amazing community we are.  The first time we moved off-site, we took two weeks to learn technology that, at any other time, would have taken months – some might argue […]

The very real dangers of social media

The following is a powerful but chilling Instagram video that serves as a grave reminder of the need to be vigilant about the use of social media by young people. The video is disturbing. It provides valuable insight into the dangers that are just a […]

Pulse – our new wellbeing check-in tool!

Pulse – our new Wellbeing Check-in tool! We are excited to launch this app that measures wellbeing and engagement of our students and provides an overall sentiment of how individuals and a cohort are feeling. Students will receive an automated reminder weekly and will be […]