Brigid’s Garden Program

Brigid’s Garden ProgramKiwi FruitsKiwi fruits are a fruit that we harvest in autumn. In the garden program we harvested 665 kiwi fruits, which weighed a total of 35kg. The kiwi fruit we picked filled up 10 buckets. While we were harvesting the kiwi fruit, Bobby […]

Earth Hour Schools Day

Friday 24 March is Earth Hour Schools Day, where schools have the opportunity to ‘switch off’ in support of raising awareness of the effects of climate change, especially how animals adapt to climate change.  There will be lights off in the classroom during period 6 on […]

Care for Wadawarrung Country – Clean Up 2023

The Sustainability Team invited students and staff from the whole school community to be involved in Clean Up Wadawarrung Country on Friday, March 3 2023. On the day, the clean-up included students from the Year 10 Pre VOC(pre-vcal) class during period 4, and 18 students […]

2023 Sustainability Student Leader Team

2023 Sustainability Student Leader Team held their first meeting to launch into the school year. This dynamic team includes, Year 12 leaders, Libby A and Amber McM, Year 11 leaders, Georgia A and Evie R, Year 10 leaders Ella H and Yu-Ru T, and Year […]

Image Credit: Centre for Climate Safety

Sustainability News

Well done to Clonard students, Mia H, Montana M and Lauren D who attended a rally protesting against Viva Energy’s planned floating LNG import and regasification terminal on Corio Bay. As Australia pledges to reduce methane emissions, Viva Energy pushes forward with plans for gas […]

Ideas for a Sustainable Christmas

 The Year 10 PreCAL class have been busy investigating sustainability and the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 🎄 Here are some Top Tips for a more Sustainable Christmas: 💲 Buy Less🪂 Give the Gift of an experience♻️ Choose sustainable brands🎁 Avoid wrapping paper✔️ Buy Quality!

Brigid’s Garden Program Update

The Brigid’s Garden Program students have been very busy in and outside the garden, with a visit to Genu Nursery last week and cooking up a storm in the kitchen this week. Recently, the Brigid’s Garden Program students visited Gen-U Nursery in South Geelong. Last […]

Brigid’s Garden Program Update

Students have been learning about the importance of bees and birds, their role in the garden, and within the life cycle of plants and pollination. We participated in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count which encourages spending 20 minutes in your favourite outdoor space to observe the birds you see during that period and then […]

Sustainability News – September 2022

“Nature cannot be regarded as something separate from ourselves or as a mere setting in which we live. We are part of nature, included in it and thus in constant interaction with it.” – Pope Francis (Laudato Si’ n139) SUSTAINABILITY STUDENT LEADERS A huge thank you to […]