Year 7 NLEP

Year 7 Numeracy students are currently learning about probability. They used ‘Skittles’ to create chance outcomes. The outcomes were then expressed as fractions and percentages, before being eaten at the end of the lesson.

Year 8 English

In Year 8 English we love to spend time in our beautiful library to check out books and read! With Ms. Ryan’s help, we are following the new ‘Fortnight’ reading challenge that encourages students to think about who they are and their place in the […]

East Timor English Program

Congratulations to the young students at our sister school, Uaimori Primary School in Viqueque East Timor who have just completed their English program. The students and teachers are so proud of their achievement as seen in the photo. This program was the result of the […]

In the classroom – Science

Year 11 Biology In Year 11 Biology, VCE students are undertaking an independent investigation related to biological concepts. Tully and Anna were investigating whether temperature had an affect on cellular respiration (balloons). Tiani and Erika (with the help of our Lab Tech Craig Billows) wanted […]

News from the Canteen

It is great to have students back!!The Canteen area has been changed due to Covid 19, but the students have taken on the changes extremely well, which we are grateful for. The Canteen menu has changed a little, adding a few new items. Some of […]